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Solar Power Backup Solar Generator Power Supply Portable Solar Power Station

Solar Power Backup Solar Generator Power Supply Portable Solar Power Station

Product Description

It can store 3000Wh(48V,60Ah) high capacity at one time and integrate multiple power ports, including 2 USB outputs,1 DC12V cigarette lighter output,2 pure sine wave 220V or 110V AC outputs.
Small size, large capacity, light weight,easy to carry,safe and reliable,widely used for indoor or outdoor such as family, office, travel, camping, emergency,fishing, hunting, farm or the job sites weekend trip or wherever you need power anytime anywhere.

Product Features

1. Built in High Power Density Lithium Batteries
2. 220V/50Hz pure-sine wave AC output(110V/60Hz)
3. Up to 48V/60AH Battery power
4. 12V/10A DC output,5V/2A- dual USB output
5. Up to 2200W AC continuous output
6. Multiple AC230V outputs, UP to 5000W max output.
7. LED emergency light
8. Smart displays indicating battery volume, power of input and output and the remaining working hours
9.  AC charger and solar charger for option   
10. Protection including: Short circuit, Overload, over temperature proof etc.
11. Built-in Smart Fan for heat dissipation

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Product Specifications

Battery Type: Lithium Battery
Rated Output: 1800W(220V)/1600W(110V)
Max Output: 3600W(220V)/3200W(110V)
AC voltage: 110/220AC±3%
Frequence: 50/60Hz±0.5Hz
AC Output Wave: Pure sine wave
DC output: DC5V/12V
Voltage of solar panel: DC 18/24/36/48V
AC charge time: 6 hours
Discharge time: 28h (if 100w fridge)
Converter efficiency: >92%
Battery Life: About 3000 cycles
Protection: yes,it has 9 protections.Over-charge,over-discharge,over-current,over-voltage, over temperature, Overload ,AC short circuit protection and so on
Working temperature: -20℃--65℃
Environment humidness: 0%RH--90%RH















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