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Complete solar power system kit / solar kit off grid 1KW 500w/grid tie solar panel kit

Complete solar power system kit / solar kit off grid 1KW 500w/grid tie solar panel kit

Product Description

Solar power system is a new kind of energy-saving and environmentally friendly system. It is a system which uses PV modules to convert sunlight into electricity. It's made up of PV module, controller, battery and inverter. It is mainly used in some remote and power-unstable areas.
Solar PV systems are very reliable and clean source of electricity that can suit a wide range of applications such as residence,industry, agriculture, livestock, etc.
Solar power system is mainly used to drive all kinds of household electrical appliances and office equipment, to solve the power shortage situation without electricity or people living or working electricity problem.

Products Feature

1.All systems has LCD digital display.(Can see the system working condition, such as system voltage, system power,charge
2.All systems have AC and DC output,and also have AC charger function for backup.
3.When the electricity off, it can switch automatically and take use of battery power to run load.When power on it also can switch automatically and take use of main power (utility electric/generator electric),at the same time charging battery.
4.The inverter is pure sine wave inverter,it can load inductive load such as air condition very smooth .
5.Each component has single chip detect which protected itself.(Over-voltage protection ,low-voltage alarm.overload protection ,over-heat protection ,short-circuit protection,etc)
6.Battery for option , there are many kinds of battery you can use in the system , not only using our battery .
7.Solar power system can update configuration esaily, we will provide a prefessional advice for you according to your inquiry.
8.Easy installation ,we will provide the install files and data to you .
9.Competitive price with high qutitly solar power system , professional technology .
10.Long lifespan, due to quatity system components.


AlI in one solar home system
●Solar power generation
can provide stable
power output for solar power generators.
●Including household lighting, home
appliances (TV, FAN, LIGHT, FRIDGE),mobile
phone charging etc.
●Easy to install and easy to carry.
●Intelligent control system, charging and
discharging protection.

Two types of battery options
●Absolutely New  lithium battery
3000 cycle times, 90% discharge 
●Gel batreries : fully capacity lead caid
gel battery

Product Specifications

Solar panel 50W 100W  100W/2pcs or 200W/1pcs
lead acid Battery 12V/24AH(the system 12V/65AH(the system box can 12V/100AH
 box can also use for 26A) also use for 45AH,55AH)
Controller 12V/5A 12V/20A 12V20A
Solar panel cable DC 5M 5M 5M
Out put 12V/5V/220V 12V/5V/220V 12V/5V/220V
Pure wave inverter 300W/12V transfer to 220V 500W/12V transfer to 220V(can 1000W/24V transfer to 220V
(can run TV, fan, computer run TV, fan, and computer ) (can run TV, fan, computer, small refrigerator and small hosue
and small house application)   application )


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