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Solar Deep Cycle Front-End Gel Batteries Inexpensive Solar Gel Batteries

Solar Deep Cycle Front-End Gel Batteries Inexpensive Solar Gel Batteries

Product Description

Gel battery is a sealed lead-acid battery, which uses a gel electrolyte instead of the traditional liquid electrolyte. The gel electrolyte is composed of silicate and stabilizer, which can prevent electrolyte leakage and evaporation.

Product Features

1. High safety: because of its closed structure and gel shaped electrolyte, gel battery can prevent electrolyte leakage and evaporation, thus reducing the risk of battery explosion.
2. Long life: The life of gel battery is longer than that of traditional lead-acid battery, which can reach 5-7 years.
3. Low maintenance cost: gel battery does not need to add water frequently, because its gel electrolyte can prevent water evaporation.

Product Applications

Gel batteries are widely used in electric vehicles, solar power generation systems, UPS (uninterruptible power supply) and other applications. Because of its long life and high safety, gel batteries are also used in some emergency power supplies and places with high safety requirements, such as hospitals and laboratories.
In addition, gel batteries are also widely used in communication equipment, wireless power stations, mine lighting, elevators and other fields. In these areas, gel batteries are often used as backup power to ensure that the equipment can continue to work in case of power failure or other emergencies.
In addition, gel batteries can also be used in agriculture, fishery and other fields. For example, in rural areas, gel cells can be used in solar power generation systems to provide electricity for villagers. In the fishery field, gel batteries can be used on fishermen's fishing boats to provide power for ships.
In a word, gel batteries are widely used in many fields. Its high safety, long life and low maintenance cost make it the preferred battery type for many applications.

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