What are the product features of portable power supplies?

Outdoor mobile power supply has strong endurance and compatibility, which solves the problem of outdoor travel power consumption. If you travel in an RV, the RV is powered off due to weather reasons, or you want to engage in some outdoor entertainment activities, it is important to have outdoor mobile power at this time.
Product features of portable power supply
1. AC output
The biggest advantage of outdoor power is its AC output function. As long as the maximum output power of the power supply itself is not exceeded, any device that needs to be plugged into a power outlet can be used. The outdoor power supply is generally 220V/50Hz or 110V/60Hz sine wave alternating current.
2. Easy to carry
Most outdoor power supplies are not only light in weight and small in size, but also come with their own handles, making them portable and easy to carry. The portable UPS power supply that can store lithium batteries is designed as a luggage compartment, which is lightweight and portable, convenient for transportation, and easy to move from one location to another.
3. Long life and strong endurance
Built in lithium ion batteries, equipped with advanced battery management systems and fireproof materials, ensure the battery's long life and safety during use. At the same time, lithium batteries have a large capacity and strong power, which can provide power support for multiple electrical devices at the same time, achieving long-term endurance.
4. Rich interface and strong compatibility
Rich interfaces, including AC, USB, Type-C, car charger, and other interface outputs. Convenient for users to use in different scenarios, with stronger selectivity.
5. Intelligent digital display screen
With intelligent digital display screen, it has functions such as power display, output function, temperature alarm, overload prompt, etc. stick out a mile.
6. LED lighting mode
High power LED lighting function, with two modes of lighting and SOS. Concentrated light, high brightness, sustainable lighting for more than 167 hours.
When camping outdoors, it is advisable to bring a large capacity, high-power, and high safety level outdoor mobile power supply, which not only allows you to be accompanied by lights all night during outdoor night activities, but also provides long-term power supply for various electrical equipment, enabling you to experience high-quality outdoor life.
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