Why are solar panels not widely used in cities?

The application of solar power generation system is mainly affected by four factors: function, price, adaptation and promotion.

First of all, analyze the above four aspects of Taineng power generation. Solar power generation is a power generation method that uses the solar radiation energy to convert into direct current through photovoltaic characteristics. It has the function of directly using solar energy for power generation. At present, the price of solar power generation can achieve parity. However, the amount of solar power generation mainly determines the installation area (multiple sites require more installation area). The promotion of solar power generation is also led by the state. In recent years, with the national new energy subsidies, it has been effectively promoted and recognized by the general public.

Secondly, analyze the needs of cities in the four aspects mentioned above. The residential buildings in cities are generally high-rise buildings with dense space. There is not too much space for solar energy installation. Even a small amount of solar power generation can not meet the household electricity demand. There are small-scale solar power generation applications in urban landscaping. For example, solar street lamps, solar benches, solar landscape lamps, solar power for public toilets and other applications.

Summary: The most important factor in the application of solar panels is the installation area. Since the residential and commercial buildings in cities do not have too large installation area, it also restricts the large-scale application of solar panels in cities. There are many small solar power products and power generation systems in cities. For example, video monitoring, remote control (remote automatic control of residential gas), solar parking lot (electric vehicle charging)

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