What is the charging efficiency of solar panels for outdoor power? Is it useful?

When we go to travel, we often see some car owners take out solar panels from their cars and bask in the sun nearby. Do they really want to buy a set of solar panels and try it out. When playing, let it fully charge the batteries, and then use it to cook and make coffee. It feels like the life they want to live, but the question is, how much power solar panels do you want to buy? How long does it take to fully charge my battery? Is it suitable for me?

1. Take 100W as an example, the actual measurement shows that I can get 0.5 kilowatt-hour electricity by charging for 10 hours a day, and it takes 5 days to fully charge my outdoor power supply. But don't underestimate this 0.5 kilowatt-hour electricity. I can do a lot of things outdoors. From past experience, it's OK to cook with an electric rice cooker, but it's not enough to cook with an induction cooker; If you buy 200W, you can get 1 kilowatt-hour electricity every day, which is barely enough for two people to cook and fry.
2. Users who do not have high-power outdoor power supply (more than 1000Wh), do not often travel long distances, and do not need to buy it. Take a small power supply, and you can fill it up at any time in the hotel, home, or on the road.
3. It is suitable for people who often camp in the wild like me. It is not always possible to find a place to recharge in the wild. The 100W battery panel is enough to provide me with electricity for a day.
4. You should calculate your power consumption, power capacity and charging time. The charging time can be calculated in this way when the weather is good. It should be estimated because the environment and equipment are different, and the maximum charging power of the power supply is greater than the power of the battery board:
Full charge time of power supply ≈ power capacity/(solar panel power * 0.5) power capacity is 2200Wh, and full charge time of 100W battery panel is about 2200Wh/(100W * 0.5)=44h
5. If you buy a solar panel and want to return the cost, take 100W as an example, you can charge about 0.5 kilowatt-hour electricity every day (excluding conversion loss).

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