What is energy storage power supply? Advantages of portable energy storage power supply

The emergency communication system of portable energy storage power supply arrives at the site and communicates with the original communication core network. It supports the application of uninterrupted wireless broadband access in large range and high-speed mobile, and meets the business requirements of data scheduling, mobile video monitoring, vehicle personnel positioning, mobile command vehicle emergency communication, etc. This way not only meets the data exchange needs of on-site rescue workers, but also can maintain high broadband and smooth communication with the rear command center.

Advantages of portable energy storage power supply:
1. Plug and play: intelligent integrated lithium battery pack, inverter and solar charging module;
2. Super output: AC output, DC USB and 12V output;
3. Ultra-long life: lithium iron phosphate battery with high safety and good stability, durable, and charging and discharging cycles ≥ 1200 times;
4. Super lightweight: small weight, convenient to carry and easy to store;
5. Safe and reliable: the aluminum alloy shell has high strength, and it can withstand shock and fall when used outdoors.

The shell of portable energy storage power supply mainly protects internal components. In the shell design, it shall meet the functional requirements of the equipment, meet the safety requirements of waterproof, dustproof, anti-seismic, insulation, electric shock and other aspects, and ensure that the equipment is qualified, durable, safe and reliable. The portable energy storage power supply is powerful, light and portable, with beautiful appearance, built-in large-capacity lithium iron phosphate battery pack, durable and full of power. It is a very convenient online backup mobile power supply.

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