How long can portable mobile power supply be on fire?

There are more and more portable mobile power applications.
The outdoor power supply for fishing is very suitable for fishing. For example, take the outdoor power supply that supports boiling water and cooking, and wait for the hook to make a fishing meal or make a cup of tea; Or is it not beautiful to use it as a guarantee for lighting, warmth and other needs when fishing in the wild?
Although the self-driving touring car has a complete life/driving system, the outdoor power supply can supply power for mobile phones, tablets, laptops, electric blankets, electric kettles and other equipment, which can not only supplement the electric power system of the touring car, but also become the power guarantee for self-driving touring.
Video production cameras, cameras, lights, tracks, monitors and other strange things need to be charged or powered up. People's mobile phones, tablets and computers also need to be charged up. A few outdoor power supplies can really improve efficiency and make power supply more convenient. There is also UAV photography. Outdoor power supply can solve the problems of short endurance and difficult charging of UAV outdoor flight, and improve the efficiency of UAV outdoor operation. Considering that outdoor live broadcasting is mostly conducted by teams, it is a good solution to carry outdoor power as a source of power. For example, mobile phones (sometimes two or more), fill lights, audio and other devices need to be recharged. It is difficult to meet one or two power banks. It is still suitable for sufficient outdoor power supply.
Aquaculture, these friends who have close communication with the sea, is actually very suitable for purchasing outdoor power supply+solar panels to use sufficient sunlight to generate electricity. For friends on board, the noise will be much lower; For friends on the island, there is also an extra layer of security for electricity use, and there will be more room for turning in case of some emergencies. We all know that the northwest is vast, and it is difficult to connect electricity and network in some fields. The existence of outdoor power supply can help the working people recharge and connect with the Internet, and strengthen the connection with the outside world. Outdoor power supply is suitable for most intelligent agricultural scenarios.
Outdoor operation Smart agriculture also belongs to outdoor operation in a sense, as well as emergency and rescue scenarios, such as mine, oil field, geological exploration, emergency power supply for geological disaster rescue; Emergency power supply for field maintenance of telecommunication department; Medical equipment, small and miniature emergency equipment, emergency power, etc. The field conditions are complex, the area is vast, the power supply is scarce, and the wiring is difficult. For a long time, there are problems such as no power available, high power supply cost, and unstable power supply. Therefore, many outdoor operations are difficult. The outdoor power supply is portable, stable and low in cost, so it can be used in this area.
In terms of emergency rescue, all kinds of accidents, disasters or events are sudden, complex and uncertain. Even in an accident, infrastructure such as electricity will be damaged. In the face of this scenario, it used to be on the top of the generator, but its volume and weight are not dominant, and it also needs fuel. The outdoor power supply is different. With solar panels and other tools, it can completely become a group power supply, and can undertake various tasks such as lighting, charging, power supply, cooking, water boiling, and perfectly adapt to the scene.
In addition to many functions described above, outdoor power supply gradually replaces diesel generator to undertake the "power generation" function.
One of the main characteristics of the stall economy is the high liquidity of the stall. Many vendors basically have no fixed business outlets, so the power consumption of the stall becomes a primary problem.
The conventional mobile power supply often cannot guarantee a long time of battery life, while the traditional car battery is bulky, inconvenient to carry and single function. The outdoor power supply can perfectly solve these problems, which can be said to be the best choice.

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