How to select portable power supply?

The use of personal electronic devices outdoors continues to grow, creating a demand for portable power solutions to charge these devices. Portable solar panels have become the preferred power supply.

Power chain
By understanding the basic components of the power chain, you can find the technology that suits your needs.
In short, you use the power stored in the portable battery to use or charge your electronic device, and the power is obtained from the original power source. Listed in actual order.

Power source
There are several power supplies that can be used to directly charge the power storage unit (battery pack) or your electronic device. The most common source, from the fastest to the slowest. 1. AC (wall socket). 2. 12V DC (car charger). 3. USB (any source: wall, car, computer). 4. Solar panel 5. Kinetic energy movement

Hydrogen fuel cell
In order to charge your portable power pack away from the wall socket, vehicle or USB output, you need a battery pack that can be charged by solar energy or other means.

solar energy
This is the most common off-grid power supply at present. If the use of your electronic products will exceed the available power stored in the supplementary portable battery, please consider using solar panels as supplementary energy. Solar energy is your best choice for long distance trips that require multiple recharging of equipment.

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