How to choose an outdoor emergency power supply? This article tells you

The enthusiasm for outdoor sports is soaring around the world. Self-driving tours, fishing, picnics and camping, and light-following photography have become mainstream. These activities are inseparable from the support of electricity. With the upgrading of the quality of outdoor consumption, outdoor electric emergency power sources have replaced fuel generators and become the mainstream solution for outdoor electricity consumption.
There are many kinds of outdoor emergency power supplies on the market today, and there are so many models that people don't know how to choose, especially for those who have difficulty in choosing, it is even more difficult.
So how to choose a suitable outdoor emergency power supply? Mainly look at the following three points.
1. Large capacity
The larger the battery capacity, the longer the output power can be continuously provided, and the more suitable for long-distance travel, so having a large capacity is the most basic. When you go outdoors, it is not so convenient to charge various electrical appliances and equipment, especially when camping, you may bring rice cookers, electric kettles, car refrigerators, cameras, projectors, drones, laptops, etc. Equipment, if you don’t bring a large-capacity outdoor emergency power supply at this time, your outdoor life will not be guaranteed. If the capacity of the outdoor emergency power supply is small, it will be no different from a power bank, and the quality of outdoor life will plummet.

2. Multiple interfaces
The interfaces of various types of electrical appliances and electronic equipment are different, so the outdoor emergency power supply must have different output and input interfaces. It is best to be equipped with several USB charging ports, additional wireless charging devices, 220AC sockets, and car charger sockets, so that you don’t need to carry extra cumbersome adapter cables and plug-in boards. No matter what kind of electrical appliances, you can charge them conveniently and quickly. Power-on. enough
Safety has always been an issue that everyone attaches great importance to. We all know that if the outdoor emergency power supply encounters severe collisions, severe friction, or battery exposure, etc., it may cause an explosion, which poses a great safety hazard. Especially in the outdoors, it is more likely to encounter collisions and frictions, so when purchasing an outdoor emergency power supply, you must understand clearly what the batteries used in this outdoor power supply product are and how safe it is.

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