Topologies of solar energy storage inverters and their advantages:

Topologies of solar energy storage inverters and their advantages:
1. Development background of energy storage inverter
(a) Development of solar power generation
1. Energy crisis.
2. Pollution and greenhouse effect.
Photovoltaic power generation can effectively alleviate the intensified consumption of energy and slow down the greenhouse effect.
(b) Difficulties of solar power generation
1. Solar energy can only generate electricity during the day and cannot generate electricity at night.
2. The intermittent nature of solar power generation, the power generation is affected by the weather, and the predictability will impact the power grid and affect the stability of the entire power grid system.
2. The trend of photovoltaic power generation - photovoltaic energy storage system
1. When the load is low, the electric energy output by the photovoltaic power generation system is stored in the battery, and when the load is peak, the stored electric energy is released to reduce the pressure on the power grid.
2. When the power grid fails, the solar energy can continue to generate electricity, switch to the off-grid mode and continue to supply power to the load.
3. Realize peak shaving and valley filling.
4. The concept of Energy Internet.
Photovoltaic energy storage system can perfectly solve the difficulty of photovoltaic power generation, that is, comprehensively use advanced technology to interconnect a large number of distributed collection devices, distributed energy storage devices and new power network nodes composed of various loads to achieve two-way flow of energy Energy peer-to-peer exchange and sharing network.

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