What is portable AC/DC power supply?

With the rapid development of the times, many new gadgets and high-tech products have also developed rapidly.
Portable power supply is also the product of the rapid development of society, and many people may not know it. Let me give you a detailed introduction:
Portable power supply is also called portable AC/DC power supply, portable emergency power supply, etc. Many terms can be defined according to different application scenarios.
The mission of portable power supply is to solve the problems of outdoor power consumption and indoor power failure. Some people said that generators can be used directly for outdoor power, and also for indoor power failure. Yes, you are right. After reading my introduction, you will think that portable power supply is a better, faster and more convenient method.
The portable power supply adopts environment-friendly core, which will not produce pollutants when used; Portable power supply is small in size, large in capacity and easy to carry; The portable power supply is easy to operate, and can be operated by plugging in the electrical equipment and opening the switch, which is quite convenient to use; There is no noise when using portable power supply, and the ears are quiet.
The emergence of portable power supply has solved the problems of outdoor power consumption and indoor power failure. It improves work efficiency and facilitates people's life. The portable power supply can be charged by the municipal power supply, solar panel charging and on-board charging to meet the need of standby power.
The portable power supply has AC 220V and conventional DC output of 12V, 24V and 48V, which can cover most of the electrical equipment and instruments when the power is satisfied. To sum up, do you know it?
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