Why not change the roof of all houses to use solar energy for charging?

The main factors to determine whether the roof of the house is suitable for the installation of photovoltaic power stations are:

1. Whether the roof is firm or not requires professional personnel to conduct on-site survey. If the roof leaks or it is an old house, it may not be suitable for installing photovoltaic power stations.

2. The sunshine in the region is relatively good. The roof of photovoltaic power generation system installed on the roof must face south as far as possible. In addition, obstacles such as trees, peaks and tall buildings will block the amount of light that shines on the solar panels. Therefore, before installation, you must carefully consider it, otherwise the sun is not sufficient or blocked, which will affect the power generation of the photovoltaic power station. At the same time, the light in northern areas such as Shandong and Hebei is better~

3. The roof area is large enough. The power output of the photovoltaic power generation system depends largely on the area of the solar panel you install. Because you must install a certain number of solar panels to make your solar power generation system generate enough electricity. The specific number of professionals can be calculated according to your actual situation.

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