Outdoor emergency mobile power battery

Precautions for charging and discharging

Mobile power supply Mobile power supply is a new type of mobile power supply with the rapid development of smart phones
Portable charger with integrated power supply and charging functions can provide mobile phones and other digital devices at any time
Anywhere charging or standby power supply. With mobile power supply, digital products can be largely solved
The problem of low endurance is no longer crazy about the sudden power failure of digital products. Mobile power gradually
Become a necessity in our life and a good consumer of digital products.

Electric core
The core components of mobile power supply mainly include two parts: one is the medium for storing electricity, and the other is
It is the medium that converts other energy into electricity. So the quality of the cell can be used as a measure of movement
One of the important standards of power quality.
There are three kinds of mobile power cell commonly used: polymer lithium battery, 18650 lithium battery, and AAA nickel hydrogen battery.
Polymer battery: standard voltage 3.7 V, many shapes, customizable, large capacity, charging
It is fast, cheap and widely used, such as mobile phones, MP4, portable speakers.
18650 lithium battery: standard voltage 3.7V, small size, large capacity, standard voltage 3.7V,
Mainly used in high-end products such as notebook computers.
AAA nickel-metal hydride battery: standard voltage 1.2V.
The capacity is relatively small. It should be widely used in household appliances and players.
Polymer lithium-ion battery is more expensive than ordinary lithium-ion battery. But high capacity aggregation
The advantages of high capacity and small volume of the physical lithium battery make it gradually replace the ordinary lithium battery.
According to the national standards of batteries, especially for polymer batteries, there is a strict grading system
The quality and timeliness of the battery are divided into three levels - A, B and C. A new polymer battery, B new polymer battery -- more than three months in stock or dismantled battery, C old battery. Special attention is paid to the fact that although C power is cheap, it has serious quality problems. The price of B power is relatively low, but the decline is very fast. If the economy allows, please purchase A mobile power supply.

Generally speaking, the power of the newly purchased mobile power supply is very low when it is used for the first time, so it is better to fully charge it for the first time after purchase.

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