Photovoltaic + storage will eventually become a mainstream energy source

The comprehensive cost of photovoltaic + energy storage is lower than thermal power, which is the reason of Hillhouse. Photovoltaic + energy storage will eventually become the mainstream energy, not necessarily because it is the cleanest, but it must be the cheapest: The system cost of photovoltaic has been reduced to 3 yuan /W. In 2007, the system cost reached 60 yuan /W. In 13 years, the cost has been reduced to only 5% of the original. Lithium iron phosphate energy storage system is reduced to 1.5 yuan/Wh, charging and discharging times can reach 5000 times. In 2025, the cost of photovoltaic system will reach 2.2 yuan /W, amortized to 25-year depreciation plus financial cost, 1500 hours/year of power generation hours, and the KWH cost will be 0.1 yuan per KWH.

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