How many kilowatt-hours of electricity can a photovoltaic module produce in a year?

Our country is vast in territory and has abundant solar energy resources. In addition to the macro events in the photovoltaic industry, back to the micro photovoltaic panels. If someone suddenly asks you, how many kilowatt-hours a year does a photovoltaic panel produce? A lot of people would say, well, how much?
This brings us to two determinants of photovoltaics:
First, the power generated by photovoltaic panels.
Second, the installation area of photovoltaic panels.
Photovoltaic panels. Sunlight is needed to generate electricity. So, there's no electricity at night. That is to say, photovoltaic power generation is closely related to the area where it is installed. Different resource areas, the same type of photovoltaic panels, will also produce different amounts of electricity. Some places have plenty of light and an innate advantage.
If the use of inferior cables and other lines, the electricity is secretly missed, no matter how much it is useless, but also prone to accidents. This shows the importance of material.
Photovoltaic panels should be cleaned regularly. For example, there are trees or tall houses near photovoltaic panels, and the total light has not been a few hours, how to fully generate electricity.
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