Which locations are suitable for installing distributed photovoltaic power generation systems?

Photovoltaic power generation system is an option of the current energy system, which saves the consumption of electric energy to a large extent and improves the energy structure. However, it should be noted that the installation of photovoltaic power generation systems cannot be installed in all places, and it does not mean that photovoltaic power generation systems can be installed in all places. So where can you install photovoltaic power generation systems?

1. Places with abundant land resources, such as deserts, deserts, Gobi, saline-alkali land and other areas, these areas have sufficient light and good light resources, which are ideal locations for installing photovoltaic power generation systems.

Of course, this needs to be determined according to the local climatic conditions. The sunshine time is relatively long, but because of the large temperature difference between day and night, the temperature is relatively low, so it is difficult to generate excess electricity to meet the local electricity demand. The light time is short and the sunshine time is short, so it can provide sufficient power to meet the local electricity demand, and can also generate a certain amount of photovoltaic power generation system revenue.

2. In places with convenient transportation, photovoltaic power generation systems are mainly installed in places with convenient transportation, such as airports, railway stations, highways and other facilities.

Since the power generation of the photovoltaic power generation system is synchronized with the power grid, the power grid can supply power to the photovoltaic power generation system before the photovoltaic power generation system is put into operation, so the photovoltaic power generation system will greatly reduce energy consumption in power transmission. These places generally have high-speed or intercity railways, these places have convenient transportation and short transit times, and these places usually have electricity demand, and photovoltaic power generation systems can be used to power these facilities. In addition, for those far away areas, photovoltaic power generation systems can be installed, which can reduce the economic losses caused by transportation.

3. In industrial plant buildings, photovoltaic power generation systems are mainly used in industrial plant roof systems to convert solar radiation energy into electrical energy and store it in battery packs.

The factory building belongs to the architectural photovoltaic power generation system in terms of architectural structure, and the roof is a concrete structure. It uses solar energy to power the plant and charges the battery at a lower temperature, thereby recharging the battery with the electricity it needs. The roof photovoltaic power generation system of industrial plants is an efficient and energy-saving and environmentally friendly and energy-saving construction method. The industrial plant roof photovoltaic power station has the advantages of small investment, small footprint, short construction period, no wiring management, and high return on investment.

4. In public places such as commercial plazas, the photovoltaic power generation system is mainly used for the transformation of the power system in the commercial plaza system, which can convert solar energy into electric energy and directly transmit it to the power grid.

At present, many commercial plazas use ground photovoltaic systems, mainly including plaza ground buildings, plaza walls, building roofs and lower parts of buildings, plaza ground and roof outer panels. The ground photovoltaic system is divided into two types: ground distributed photovoltaic system and ground photovoltaic system. The ground distributed photovoltaic system is mainly used for the construction of the power generation system of the commercial plaza, mainly including the installation of ground brackets and ground distributed photovoltaics. The ground distributed photovoltaic installation is an independent photovoltaic system. This installation method is technically simple and economical.

5. Building roof system, the photovoltaic power generation system is installed on the surface of the building, which can effectively improve the lighting conditions of the building roof and reduce the heat load of the building.

It can also improve the lighting of buildings and save energy. Lighting costs can also be reduced for buildings. It can also reduce carbon dioxide emissions, reduce carbon emissions and air pollution (installation of photovoltaic systems on the roof can effectively reduce carbon dioxide emissions). The absence of heat dissipation holes at the top of the building can also effectively prevent the temperature rise of the roof of the building caused by solar radiation and ensure the interests of the owners (the rise of the roof temperature will shorten the life of the roof). And it can reduce the load demand on other electrical equipment (such as heating equipment) and reduce the damage to the building appearance (the building appearance damage will reduce the building life). It can also reduce heating energy consumption.
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