Why is photovoltaic power a green and low-carbon energy?

Why is photovoltaic power generation a green and low-carbon energy source?

Solar photovoltaic power generation has the characteristics of green, low-carbon and high-efficiency, and is currently the fastest-growing and most widely used clean energy in the world. Solar energy resources are extremely abundant and have great advantages compared with traditional fossil energy. It is a new energy source that can absorb solar radiation and store energy. Solar energy is considered to be the cleanest and safest renewable energy source on the planet today.

1. Renewable energy

Renewable energy refers to the use of renewable energy to convert it into clean electricity. Renewable energy includes renewable energy such as wind, hydro, and biomass; volatile resources such as solar and geothermal energy, and technologies that utilize other renewable energy. Among them, wind can be wind energy and ocean waves on earth; water can be tap water/ice and snow in many forms in nature; soil can also be rice fields. The conversion of these three new energy sources can provide a rich material basis for human beings. At present, solar energy and other renewable energy sources are developing rapidly around the world and have become one of the most important and cleanest renewable energy sources in the world.

2. Clean energy

Clean energy mainly refers to renewable energy including wind energy and solar energy, as well as various forms of nuclear energy and nuclear reactors. Among them, solar energy utilization efficiency is the highest. Photovoltaic power generation system is a solar energy-based power generation system. So far, a breakthrough has been made in solar power generation technology.

3. High-efficiency power supply

Photovoltaic power generation technology has been developed for decades, and the technical level has approached or reached the level of using solar radiation to generate electricity. It has high power density and large power generation. However, the cost of photovoltaic power generation is relatively high, usually above $30/kWh. Current solar photovoltaic technology can deliver clean electricity with high efficiency and low cost, regardless of local solar resources. Current photovoltaic power generation systems use solar panels to generate electricity. According to calculations, using a 20-kilowatt solar panel to generate electricity at 1,000 kilowatt-hours would produce about 4 kilowatt-hours of electricity.

4. Environmentally friendly

The photovoltaic power generation system does not need to use fossil energy as fuel and will not pollute the environment. It mainly consists of battery components and is powered by the energy generated by solar radiation. The electrical energy generated by the photovoltaic power generation system directly provides protection for the electrical load of households and factories.

Five, safe and reliable

Photovoltaic power generation systems utilize solar radiation and can directly utilize solar energy. It doesn't need to be built on the ground. No ground power station would generate a lot of noise and radiation, nor would a ground power station generate a lot of heat. The components of the photovoltaic system can guarantee its normal operation under different temperatures and humidity. Photovoltaic power plants have high power generation efficiency, generally above 85%. With the reduction of solar radiation attenuation and shading, the lifespan of photovoltaic power generation systems is greatly extended. The life of the photovoltaic system is related to the life of the inverter.
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